Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday: Just getting started

While the Convention doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, that doesn’t mean that the city isn’t geared up and ready to go. Police, SWAT teams, delegates, Washingtonians, and protesters have all found their ways to Denver and are ready for action! The city is abuzz with activity, and is certainly the place to be this week.

One of my most interesting observations thus far is in regard to the protesters. Given that this is my first Convention, I came in with very few expectations. What I had not anticipated, though, was a large crowd of anti-Convention activists (and the large numbers of police officers that accompany them). Not only did Denver bring in officers from nearby cities, but it also constructed a makeshift holding cell out of an old warehouse. This will certainly prove to be an interesting week, and I am curious to see what the interactions are between the protesters and the delegates and the police force.

I helped out with registration for the DNC Finance Committee members (aka the big donors). Nothing too interesting to report, other than the Clintons are staying in the hotel where I am working, which means that police officers on horseback stand guard at the entrance and Secret Service officers line the exterior of the building.

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